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The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine


The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine is a constitutional permanent collegiate authority that performs in order to enforce legislation of Ukraine in the broadcasting area and to regulate audiovisual media services area.


The activities of the National Council are regulated by the Laws of Ukraine “On the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine” and “On Television and Radio Broadcasting”.

The Board of the National Council comprises of 8 Members where 4 Members to be appointed by the Parliament of Ukraine and 4 Members to be appointed by the President of Ukraine.


The Administrative Office of the National Council amounts to 230 experts. The organisational structure of the Administrative Office of the National Council includes 8 departments, 2 divisions and 3 units which are generally managed by the Chief Administrative Officer. In each regional centre of the country the National Council is represented by the Representatives of the National Council and their Secretariats.


The National Council is financed from the State Budget of Ukraine.


The National Council participates in elaboration and implementation of the state policy in the broadcasting area, forms the Plan of the Development of the National Television and Radio Information Environment, deploys radio frequency resource for the media needs, conducts broadcasting tenders, issues and reissues licenses for TV and radio companies, monitors broadcasting, imposes sanctions on violators, supervises compliance with technical quality standards of broadcasting, maintains the State Register of TV and Radio Organizations of Ukraine etc.

The main tasks of the National Council for the short-term period include:
• Protection of information environment;
• Ensuring uninterrupted access to TV and radio broadcasting by citizens;
• Promotion of efficient and sustainable competition in the market;
• Gradual transition to digital broadcasting;
• Promotion of public broadcasting introduction;
• Prevention of irrational restrictions to broadcasting development;
• Promotion of national TV and radio production development;
• Facilitation of efficient use of scarce state resources;
• Efficient and transparent regulation of the National Council activities.

There is a consultative and advisory body under the jurisdiction of the National Council – the Public Council which ensures the constitutional right of citizens to be involved into the management and administration of state and public affairs, as well as public consultations. The Public Council includes media experts, well-known journalists, representatives of NGOs in the area of electronic media. Engagement of the public into discussion of the most notable issues and cases in the area and reckoning the opinions of independent experts allowed the constitutional authority to have adopted a number of important regulatory acts aimed at deregulation of the industry.


The National Council actively performs in the international media regulation environment. The Council is a member of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA). The Regulator co-operates on an ongoing basis with the Council of Europe, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and the Black Sea Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (BRAF).


The National Council has actively participated in discussion of notable issues on the modern media developments, introduction of the latest technologies, regulation of the modern media performance, freedom of speech protection at a number of international forums.


The National Council does not have powers to initiate legislation but it actively forms relevant proposals for improving current legislation and for elaboration of new legislation that will facilitate approximation of the national legislation with the EU acquis.


The National Council is accountable to the Parliament of Ukraine and to the President of Ukraine. Each year the National Council prepares an Annual Report on its performance and makes it publicly available not later than February 1st of the following year. The performance of the National Council is highlighted on its official website:


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International conference: Legislation on audio-visual services: European standards and Ukrainian perspectives, Kyiv, 28 March 2016.