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  The Protection of children’s rights in the media in Ukraine: an update
  The court recognized the decision of the National Council on warning the TVRC “Dyvosvit” (the call sign “Vesti. Radio”) to be legitimate
  The Regulator’s Decision on the Steering Committee of the Public Broadcaster was amended
  The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine expresses its viewpoint regarding the statement of Freedom House: in the issues of the information landscape safety Ukraine is guided by the current legislation and international ....
  The meeting with the Members of the Oversight Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe was held
  The expert seminar having been organized by the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine for the Regional Representatives of the National Council finished its work
  Cable networks can be supplemented with new foreign channels
  Two Polish channels have been added into the List of foreign programmes
  Media and Elections: the participants of the international conference were looking for the ways to improve the national legislation
  The new Law on Audiovisual Services must meet European standards and treat interests of all market players on equal basis
  Non-discrimination issues were discussed by the national and international experts and the media representatives
  The procedures for submitting information on the ownership structure by TV and radio organizations and programme service providers has come into force
  Mrs Olha Herasymiuk participated in the conference "Propaganda for War and Hatred and Freedom of the Media"
  The Bulgarian National Radio is interested in providing broadcasting in Ukraine
  Children’s rights must be protected at all levels, in particular, in the mass media
  Procedures for submitting information on the ownership structure by TV and radio organizations and programme service providers was approved
  News Release Round Table “Children on TV: how to cover and adhere to the rules”
  Composition of the Steering Committee of the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine is approved
  The National Council delegation is visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina on the study tour
  Russian TV channels dedicated the largest portion of their airtime to Ukraine in March 2015

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International conference: Legislation on audio-visual services: European standards and Ukrainian perspectives, Kyiv, 28 March 2016.