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Mr Valentyn KOVAL


Member of the National Council


Mr Valentyn Koval has been working in the media area since 1985. He started his professional life as an audio operator and an editor of the Main Editorial Office of radio programmes preparation at the Committee on Television and Radio of the Zaporizhia Regional Council of People’s Deputies. In 1993-1996 he worked as an artistic administrator and an art director of the “Khortytsia” TV company. Mr Valentyn Koval was the author and the journalist of the “Melorama” TV programme, which appeared on the “Inter” TV channel. He took the positions of the art director and the manager of TV projects in the framework of the Tavriyski Igry Festival. Since 2001 he had been working on creation of the “M1” TV channel. He was the Director of the UMMC “M1” and the General Producer of the “M1” TV channel. Since that time he has been a permanent member of the Organizing Committee of the Triumph TV Award. From 2006 to 2011 he headed the Digital Committee of the Television Industry Committee. Since 2011 Mr Valentyn Koval in his capacity as a director of the LLC “Teleodyn” had been engaged in the production activities of the “M1” and “M2” TV channels. He was the winner of the Triumph Award nomination for the best producer in 2005. 

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International conference: Legislation on audio-visual services: European standards and Ukrainian perspectives, Kyiv, 28 March 2016.